How to Unlock a Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

Sometimes for violating Facebook’s “Terms and Conditions” as well as “Rules and Regulations” you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer able to access your Facebook account. It is mainly because Facebook might have suspected that you’re engaged in the following unethical and unacceptable behaviors:

  • Uploading inappropriate content on the Facebook platform.
  • Posting Copyright material on your Facebook profile.
  • Running more than one Facebook account on your ID.
  • Misbehaving with other Facebook users.
  • Buying ‘fake’ likes on your uploaded posts.
  • Sending way too many friend requests to users who’re unknown to you.
  • Promoting or marketing your business, product, or service on someone else’s business pages, etc.

So, based on the above-mentioned offense, if you’re in a situation where you can’t log in to your Facebook account then, do not worry! If you’re sure that you’ll not commit any such offense again then, to help you out we’ve below mentioned the steps of how you can unlock a temporarily locked Facebook account. Have a look and perform the steps correctly in order to recover your locked Facebook account:

Solution: Submit an Appeal to Facebook:

  • In order to unlock your temporarily locked Facebook account, you need to first open your preferred web browser.
  • From it, navigate to the ‘My Facebook account has been disabled page’ and there, simply click on the option of ‘Submit an Appeal’ which is just beside the sentence that reads “In case your account was disabled by mistake, please."
  • Once you click on the aforementioned option, an appeal form will pops-up in front of you to let you fill it with all the required (whatever has been asked) information, for instance, your username, and your registered email id as well as the phone number.
  • After that, simply upload a picture of yours as identity proof by clicking on the following options: ‘Files,’ ‘Pictures’, and ‘Open’ button.
  • In the end, just click on the ‘Send’ button to finally submit your appeal in front of Facebook to unlock your Facebook account.

However, if that’s not the case and you’ve just mistakenly disabled your Facebook account then, then try these methods to recover your temporarily locked Facebook account:

  • Verify Your Facebook Account by Answering Your Security Question: As a temporarily locked account can be recovered with a simple verification process, so to initiate the process, all you need to do is try to get access to your account through the “Automated Security Verification” process. Then, follow the on-screen prompts and answer the questions to verify your account by proving your identity.
  • Get Help from Facebook Friends: This is another way of unlocking your temporarily locked account so in order to initiate this process, choose a friend from Facebook to whom you trust the most and nominate him/her to receive a security code. Then, retrieve the same code from your trusted contact and enter the same, wherever prompted.

That’s it! This is all about how you can recover your disabled Facebook account. Hopefully, you now have a clear idea of the same and in the future, you’ll not require any further assistance in this particular topic.

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